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Modern Breathwork and Qi Gong deliveredin a way that is easy, practical and accessible.

Our Signature Class 'Tune In & Chill Out' combines Breathing, Simple Qi Gong Flows and Chilled Out Tracks to leave you feeling vibrant and re-charged yet totally chilled out.

Our In House Corporate Sessions give your employees a simple set of Breathing and  Qi Gong inspired exercises which help to wake up the body and focus the mind.

Master Class Workshops take you deeper into the Science and Practice of Breathing and Qi Gong.

There's something for everyone. Choose The Breathing Hub for: 

Less Stress & More Energy Cleared Tension & Anxiety

Boosted Metabolism

Stronger Core & Improved Posture

Detoxification of the Whole System

Greater Emotional Balance



Created by Dr Belisa Vranich  The Breathing Class 3 Hour Workshop will Strengthen your Breathing Muscles, Energise your System, Inspire your Mind and Chill you out at the same time.

You will receive a personal breathing assessment and gain a deeper understanding of breathing bio mechanics. Practical, simple​ exercises start to dismantle poor breathing habits  and you learn specific tools to draw on in times of need, whether you need to relax on demand or get high on your own supply! Finishing with Dr Belisa's Modern Meditation (for people who can't meditate!) to the backdrop of upbeat tracks and dropping down to end with a serious chill out session.


Tune in and Chill Out on a regular basis with our weekly class. Gentle Breath Work combined with accessible Qi Gong Flows to the backdrop of seriously chilled out beats! Finishing with a Modern Breathing Meditation to leave you feeling vibrant and re-charged yet totally relaxed.


'What if I said I had a medicine that would keep you calm but alert? That would relax and energise you? That would help you recover, boost your immune system, lower the oxidative stress that causes ageing, power you up and fuel every cell in your body from your frazzled brain to your taxed muscles? You'd say "Give it to me," right? Well, here it is. And no side effects. Take it every day - doctors orders - Dr Belisa Vranich



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